Six-Month BLESS Learning Community

A learning community is a group of leaders who are journeying together towards transformational change. This particular learning community is focused on the development of missional rhythms that lead towards the transformation of both people and places throughout Kansas City.


Over the six-month journey we will examine several key missional foundations; including the missionary nature of the church, incarnational mission, and participation in the missio Dei. We will also discuss missionary principles around the topics of neighboring, hospitality and engaging “third places.” The acronym BLESS will provide the overarching framework for the learning journey.

•    First month:     Paradigms shifts/BLESS overview
•    Second month:     B – Begin with prayer
•    Third month:     L – Listen
•    Fourth month:     E – Eat
•    Fifth month:     S – Serve
•    Sixth month:     S – Story 


The Learning Community will involve three integrated elements.

  1. Once a month the cohort will meet for a one-hour training.
  2. Once a month participants will be a part of a coaching cluster to reflect on particular missional action steps taken throughout the month.
  3. There will be an online BLESS Facebook group to provide additional resources and to create space for group processing.