Our Core Values

We are now in our twelfth year as a movement of churches in Kansas City. In twelve years more than 90 churches have linked together around a common vision and values. In those first few years, several of our pastors worked together to draft these core values to explain what brings us together and guides us in our ongoing work.  

1.  Christ-centered: confessing Jesus as Lord (Matthew 16:13-20, Romans 10:6-15)

  • valuing all shapes & sizes (e.g. church models, styles, traditions, etc) 
  • theological unity centered in Jesus, as defined by the Apostle's Creed 
  • "In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love” –St. Augustine 

2.  Catalyzing relationships: across visible & invisible lines (e.g. racial, denominational, socio-economic, etc.) (John 13:34-36; John 17) 

  • developing friendships among pastors & leaders 
  • connecting congregations through service, worship, & prayer 
  • fostering & guarding unity among the Church in KC  

3.  City transformation: bringing spiritual and physical wholeness to our city (Micah 6:8-9, Isaiah 58) 

  • shared vision: listening & learning from those closest to the need 
  • broad partnerships: collaborating with leaders most invested in meeting those needs 
  • strategic initiatives: leading to a year-round movement