Renovation of Group Home Property: $$

Contact Person: Blue Door Project - Laura Drescher - 913-787-3197

Estimated Budget: $500 - $15,000 (see below)

Volunteers Needed: 30-50

Desired Outcome: Prepare this home, that is used to provide transitional care for children, for remodeling.

Overview: Demolition, cleaning house out to get ready for remodeling, outside work like fixing fence, repairing guttering and power washing house.

There are several projects at this site that can be separated out for different groups, or can be adopted as one large project by one group. Please contact Laura above for more information.

Whole house repairs: $2,500 total
- Repair/replace gutters
- Install rain barrels
- Powerwash house

Front of house improvements: $1,000 total
- Front of house landscaping
- Front of house painting (doors, porch, shutters)
- Add shutters to front
- Remove bars from windows

Back of house repairs: $2,500 total
- Repair/replace portions of fence
- Rebuild wood fire escape from third floor
- Rebuild structural supports for walkway from house to greenhouse

Purchase, put together, paint picnic tables (4): $500

Build/plant raised garden beds: $500

Remodel garage for recreation: $1000-2500

Half basketball court: $5,000

Meditation area: $1,000