Baby Shower: $

Contact Options:
     Virginia Lewis at Youthville (KS)
     Lisa Marx at DCCCA, Inc. (KS)
     Anissa Pfannenstiel at DCCCA, Inc. (KS)
     Bryan Drescher at KVC (KS) or 913-890-2207
     Sarah Gardner at Cornerstones of Care (MO) or 816-508-1704

Estimated Budget: low

Volunteers Needed: 5

Desired Outcome: Stock foster agency with newborn necessities. These items would be given to foster families who take in infants.

Overview: Host a "baby shower" and have women bring gifts of diapers, formula and baby items to donate to local foster agencies. Check with agency to find out if items must be new, or can be gently used, and what type of items they need most.