Sweet Cases Duffle Bags: Together We Rise $$

Contact Options: Cerise Hungate, Together We Rise 714-784-6760
     Virginia Lewis at Youthville (KS) VLewis@youthville.org
     Lisa Marx at DCCCA, Inc. (KS) lisa.marx@dccca.org
     Anissa Pfannenstiel at DCCCA, Inc. (KS) apfannenstiel@dccca.org
     Sarah Gardner at Cornerstones of Care (MO) Sara.Gardner@cornerstonesofcare.org or 816-508-1704

Estimated Budget: $25 per bag

Volunteers Needed: 10-20

Desired Outcome: Provide duffle bags for foster kids, including a stuffed animal, coloring book, basic hygiene supplies and a blanket. Most kids are given a trash bag for transporting their items.

Overview: Recruit a team to assemble the bags and donate to foster agencies. More info here.